Modern Classics

Modern Classics

Explore the drinks of the modern cocktail renaissance. These drinks stand up to classics from the golden era of cocktails and as a bonus, their creators are still alive today! 

Package includes a cocktail on arrival, a selection of canapés and a cocktail class where you will make the following cocktails as a team:


Tommy’s Margarita
This simple upgrade to the classic Margarita was created by Julio Bermejo at his family’s Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. You’ll never drink a regular Margarita again. Tequila, agave, lime

Old Cuban
This might be the only way to improve the Mojito, add sparkling wine. Audrey Saunders from the Pegu Club in New York has created many drinks that could be considered modern classics and this is one of the best. 
Rum, lime, sugar, mint, sparkling wine

Scotch style whisky is a tough ingredient to use, but Sam Ross has nailed it in this simple whisky sour variation. 
Whisky, lemon, ginger, honey

Gin Basil Smash
This simple cocktail is exactly what is sounds like, a fresh, herbal, gin based drink. Jörg Meyer from Le Lion in Hamburg won “best new cocktail” at Tales of the Cocktail in 2008 with this cocktail, so you know it’s good! 
Gin, basil, lemon, sugar