Tiki Drinks

Tiki Drinks

Tiki culture exploded onto the drinking and dining scene in America in the 40s and 50s. After a dark period in the 80s and 90s, tiki is back and enjoying a revival. Learn the stories and secret recipes behind these colourful, strong, tropical drinks.

Package includes a cocktail on arrival, a selection of canapés and a cocktail class where you will make the following cocktails as a team:


Planter’s Punch
The drink that informed the recipes for many tiki drinks that followed it. Simple, refreshing and tasty.
Rum, lime, sugar, mint

Mai Tai
The original Mai Tai, as served by Trader Vic, no bottled fruit juice or colourful syrups in this one.
Rum, orange curacao, orgeat, lime

The perennial favourite sour-style drink that has spawned many variations. 
Bourbon, sugar, lemon, egg white

Don the Beachcomber famously only allowed his guests two of these per night. A true tiki drink, strong, over-garnished and full of rum and spiced syrups.
Three types of rum, absinthe, falernum syrup, grenadine, 
Don’s mix, lime, Angostura bitters